Saturday, 29 September 2012

nails inc. Couture

For those of you who may not be aware, nails inc. do a COUTURE service which lets you personalise your nail polish with a different lid and customised label . It's the presented in it's own box with your choice of 2 stickers et voila!

This service costs £20, is it worth it? Oh probably not. That's not really the point though and as my friend at work was leaving last week and is mad about nails inc.I thought it would make a fitting goodbye gift!

Picture courtesy of nails

The only thing that doesn't impress me about nails inc. is that they aren't always the quickest for delivery so it didn't arrive in time for my friends last day at work, so I basically felt like a bit of a bad bad friend.

Now, please don't go thinking that I just opened her present to take pictures, I wanted to make sure that it was all OK and the printing on the label wasn't dodgy and thought ' would be a shame not to show this on my blog...'. Hmm, still sounds bad doesn't it?

The obligatory Celebration & Good Luck stickers

 I went for the pink jewelled lid with Holland Park, which by the way is an impossible colour to accurately capture on my camera so below is an edited version which shows the exact shades perfectly!

And this was the reason I opened the box, this sticker wasn't on straight at all, it was all the way to the left almost over the edge which I felt was a little shoddy considering you are paying for this little extra. It wasn't difficult to take it off and straighten it up though so not to worry.

A little Disney joke

My friend was really pleased with it and it looked cute so I was a happy bunny.
What do you guys thinks? Will you be treating someone special or yourself to a couture polish... there are only 86 days until Christmas!


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